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Refresh META Tag
By Submit Corner
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Overview: The Refresh Tag defines the number of seconds before refreshing your webpage

The refresh META tag is used as a way to redirect or refresh users to another webpage after X number of seconds. This META tag is often used as a "bridge" page which is accessed first by users and are then redirected to another webpage. Some search engines discourage this type of META tag because it opens opportunity for users to spam search engines with similar pages which all lead to the same page. In addition, this also makes many of the search engines databases cluttered with irrelevant and multiple versions of the same data.

META Tag Usage

General Usage: <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" content="X;URL=http://www.website.com/index.html">
Note: X indicates delay in seconds
URL indicates the URL to redirect to
Code Generator: Create Refresh META Tag for me [Click Button Below]

Search Engines Usage

The Refresh META Tag is not a META tag which should be used on pages you submit to search engines. Most search engines have algorithms that will detect the Refresh tag and may either setup their system to ignore the particular page, your entire site or may even ban your host entirely. For this reason, we strongly suggest you do not use this tag.

Recommended Usage: Not Recommended for use

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