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Web Position Gold
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An excellent all-in-one product which optimizes your pages, creates doorway pages, performs submissions, and even tracks your rankings all from one consolidated login screen. With a price tag starting at only $149, this product is a great solution to help improve your rankings.
Rating: 10 out of 10
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Positive: We recommend this product for customers who require a solution from start to finish of a project, starting from creation of doorway pages up to optimization and submission of a website. Web Position Gold is a very powerful product which focuses on only the top search engines (which provide 85% of all web traffic) and is aimed at providing justifiable results. We strongly endorse this product as the leader in complete software products available on the market.
Negative: Only the first three months of updates are free, this could have been offered free for at least the first year. After reviewing the doorway pages which are created, we feel that they could have been optimized further. A license should also be available for a one domain license rather than assuming clients have around 5 domains as the smallest package.

Product Features

Webposition is packed with a slew of features all targeted to improving your search engine rankings. Below, we evaluate each of these features and explain the need/requirement they address:

Feature: Comments:
Doorway Generator This feature creates doorway pages which focuses specifically on targeting related keywords to an entry page on your site. With this feature, your website can attract users from a wider range of keywords to alternate entrances to your site, maximizing the exposure of your website to search engines.
Webpage Critic Agent The critic is a utility which analyzes your pages and provides suggestions and optimization tips on how to improve your rankings on each page. The agent queries your pages against the indexing algorithms of the top search engines and makes recommendations on how to obtain a top ranking without abusing your site.
Submission Agent The submission tool provided will submit your webpages to the growing list of search engines and includes a scheduler tool to perform repeat submissions on a fixed schedule automatically. Also includes a followup task to verify a site was indexed. As of this review, the following search engines are covered: Altavista, Excite, HotBot, Snap Yahoo!, Yahoo! Web Pages, WebCrawler, InfoSeek/Go, Lycos, Iwon, Fast, Direct Hit, LookSmart, MSN, AOL Search, Google, Goto.com, Netscape Open Directory.
Position Ranking Reports Features 6 management reports illustrating your ranking positions on each of the top search engine in minutes for an unlimited number of keywords.
Automated Scheduler Scheduler works together with the submission and ranking features to report on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis your submission and ranking reports on the top search engines.
Traffic Analyzer This tool impressed us the most with its ability to analyze and track your visitors (where they came from, which keywords, which search engines, etc.) automatically without interaction with log files or extra software. These reports when combined with the other features of this application can effectively help increase a company's marketing efforts by targeting exactly what your users are looking for.
Upload Manager Once all your pages have been optimized, the upload manager is a rapid tool to update all your changes on your live site in a flash.
Automatic Software Updates The most recent updates are automatically updated ensuring you always have the most recent version at all times.

Free 30 Day Trial Version

The evaluation version is limited to submitting/reporting on only three search engines and to a maximum of 5 domain names. To download your evaluation version, please click the trial link below.

Get Your Free 30 Day Trial Now
Download Now

Pricing Information

There are two versions available, the standard and professional editions as described below:
Standard Edition Professional Edition
  • Supports up to 5 different domains (websites).
  • Unlimited keywords, unlimited page optimization and unlimited doorway creations
  • Free Product support
  • 45-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked (unconditional)
  • Supports unlimited number of web sites
  • Unlimited keywords, unlimited page optimization and unlimited doorway creations
  • Include your company logo on all reports
  • Ability to remove Webposition Gold logo and customize your reports
  • Ability to export reports to text, spreadsheets and/or databases
  • Free Product support
  • 45-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked (unconditional)
Cost: $149.00 USD
The Standard Edition is designed for large or small sites with ALL the features you need to quickly build site traffic.
Cost: $389.00 USD
The Professional Edition is designed for consultants and designers who service many Web site domains with the ability to customize reports to your clients.

To place an order, you may either order from within the software or you can click here to make a purchase now.


Have a question about this product? Submitcorner.com is an authorized agency which can answer your pre-sales (non-technical) questions. Any questions you may have about this product can be answered through our contact form.

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