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Rave Reviews
Tell a Friend About This Page

See what our loyal customer base and friends have to say about our website. Below, we display some of our fans comments, opinions about our site and general fanmail that we received over the past few weeks. If you would like to add your feedback to our services, guides or tools, feel free to give us a shout.

Fan Mail

Your site is one of the best sites I've ever used to help me build a credible page with all the "right stuff!" Thank You!
-- Steven Burnett

This is probably the most useful and informative site I have come across. Great work!!
-- Brett

Wow! This site is awesome. Your helps are truly remarkable. Thank You!!!
-- Carol

I've just bumped into your site on webmonkey. Great site really informative and I'll being coming back regularly
-- Matt Iliffe

By the way, I would like to say that your website is excellent....and probably the best one I've found so far on Meta Tags. It's thorough, easy to navigate, easy to understand, and very professional. Thank you.
-- Greg Lowitz

Very useful service, thankyou.
-- Mark Hope

Thank you for clarifying many questions I have been asking others about Meta Tags, their uses and how search engines use them. I'll be chabging titles, descriptions and keywords accordingly.
-- Bruce Hall

Love your website (very helpful in many ways).
-- James Pasario

This site delivers a wonderful service. It helped me understand search engines better. Thank you!
-- Eddy Martens

This is an excellent site. Thank you and I have book marked this important info. Thanks again.
-- Anonymous

Thanks for replying so quickly. I love your site!
Thank you for all the neat stuff regarding meta tags, etc. Really needed that help.
-- Lyn Monrean

I would just like to say that your web site has been the most useful and helpful submitting web site i have come accross. I have just uploaded my webpage to my isp and needed some help submitting it, and thanks to your site it was not a problem. thanks and keep up the good work.
-- Ashley

This has to be THE most useful website I have EVER found in regards to how to submit a website to search engines, etc. You guys did an EXCELLENT job and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and putting it together in a very professional and coherent fashion. In a time when the internet abounds with lame websites, this site stands out as a crown jewel of useful information and professional site design/layout. GREAT job! EXCELLENT!
-- Anonymous

Your site has been very helpful in the creation and posting of my page.
-- Anonymous

As a web designer fresh out of school and surprisingly very busy, I found your site to be most informative and helpful. Demystifying site optimization for search engine submission was something that I thought was going to be tedious and time consuming. Going through your site changed all that.
Thanks for your effort.
-- Greg

I found your site to be very informative! It has answered quite a few questions for me and I greatly appreciate it! Keep up the good work!
-- Anonymous

What a great site! by far the best i have had the plesure of stumbling across yet. keep up the great work!
-- Techie.com

Thanks for such a comprehensive helpful website. I just recently published my personal website, and was looking to register it with websites, and this was an invaluable resource.
-- Peter

I have used your info to improve my web site I appreciate how you actually explained how all of this works instead of advertising information and then charging for it once the person gets here.
-- Anonymous

I've found your site exceptionally useful and informative...Many thanks!
-- Bruce

I am setting up a web site for my small company and as a person who is not "web wise" I found your site extremely informative. Thank You.
-- Zeeman

Just a note of appreciation for your great site. Pertinent. Accurate. Well laid out. Congratulations.
-- Alan

I just submitted again and 5 searchengines accepted: ALEXA, EXCITE, GOOGLE, HOTBOT AND NORTHERN LIGHT. This time it worked. I would also like to take this opportunity to commend you on your tutorial section of your webpage. It's great. Thank you again.
-- Peter Reyes.

Just wanted to let you know that your site has been really helpful. We're looking to boost our presence and resubmit our site to the search engines and I've learned a lot on your site.
-- Chris Howard, gear.com

I am new to the field with web marketing responsiblities. I would like to complement the team that put this site together. Easy to navigate - rich content - fast - intuitive - looks nice. Thanks for the valuable information.
-- Jim

I have bookmarked your site. Very informative. Enjoyed tons! Keep up good work.
-- Anonymous

I just recently found your web site and have really enjoyed the content. It is the only site I have found that deals with every issue involving the META tag world. You have alot of great information and I have learned alot from it.
-- Shane V. Rains

-- Anonymous

Sincere thanks for clarifying my understanding of this area of web work.
-- Anonymous

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