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Direct Hit
By Submit Corner
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Overview: Direct Hit is the largest popularity based search engines which powers most of the industry players

Originally launched in 1995, Direct Hit is a popularity based search engine which will rank results based on how popular a website is. In early 2000, Ask Jeeves bought Direct Hit and has since partnered with major industry portals and search engines including the likes of Hotbot, Iwon, Lycos, MSN Search, Looksmart, and Infoseek (Go Network). The higher a rank which you can achieve through Direct Hit will result in your site getting high ranks in all their partner sites as well.

Website Information

Direct Hit http://www.directhit.com (New window opens)

Submission & Ranking Process

Popularity Counts If lots of websites link to your site, then your site will be ranked higher in Direct Hit's rankings.

Popularity Tracking Popularity of your website is mostly determined by Hotbot, one of Direct Hit's partners. A surfer's unique IP address and duration of a visit are tracked and are weighed in as factors of how popular a site actually is. The more unique visitors and the longer they stay on your site, the higher your popularity will rank on Direct Hit.

Ranking Process Direct Hit ranks sites based on the following criteria (in order):
  • Ranks any Open Directory Categories first
  • Returns sites which are most popular
  • Returns Ask Jeeves powered results

  • META Tags and Titles Direct Hit supports the Description META tag and reads your titles when displaying results to users. Keywords can be entered manually when submitting your pages to Direct Hit so you don't need to define the Keywords META Tag. META Tags play a minor role on Direct Hit, they are only used to format the display of data. By far, popularity is the biggest factor used on this search engine.

    Submission Time Getting listed in Direct Hit can take anywhere between 1-4 weeks.

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