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Overview: Search123 is a pay-per-placement directory service where webmasters bid for placement among various keywords and topics

Search123 was originally launched in June of 1999 with the idea of instant listings and real-time bidding to form a true representation of an online marketplace. The paid pay-per-click business model went in effect in October of 2000 and has grown since then. In June of 2003, Search123 was acquired by ValueClick Inc which has since then integrated Search123 with its other properties to offer a consolidated source of search traffic purchases.

Website Information

Search123 http://www.search123.com (New window opens)

New Client Signup-Bonus

Search123 in conjunction with Submit Corner are offering a promotional signup bonus for all new accounts referred by Submit Corner. To learn more about this promotion, please visit this link to setup a new Search123 account.

Submission & Ranking Process

Bidding Wars Among Webmasters Search123 is one of the recent search engines to implement a real-time submission and bidding system using the pay-per-click model in which webmasters bid for select keywords. The higher the bid, the higher positioning a website will receive. A website only pays for each click that was generated from a web surfer and no charge is implied for displaying results.

Advantages/Disadvantages of This Model The Search123 pay-per-performance model is extremely successful for stimulating competition among businesses, however, non-profit organizations and low-budget advertisers will find competing against the major advertisers in Search123 very difficult. Although Search123 does tailor to primarily businesses, its results are distributed quite largely on other websites and search engines on the internet.

Submission Time Getting listed in Search123 is instant. There are no editorial reviews and listings go up in real-time as they are submitted making this the fastest pay per click search engine we've seen yet. The initial investment is a minimum of $50.00 but can guarantee as much as 1000 clickthroughs depending on how your price your keywords.

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